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As with many passionate photographers, this is my form of expression. Inspired by renowned National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry, I blend photojournalism with my love for the outdoors, people and exploring the world in which we live.

It all started for me when I was 10 years old. Sneaking out of the house one night with my grandmother’s 1973 Minolta SRT-303 to capture an approaching lightning storm off our front porch. It was well past my bedtime and I knew I’d get in trouble but I was too intrigued by what nature was carrying towards me to care.

Luckily things haven’t changed much since then, except I’ve since traded my dad’s Minolta SRT for a Canon DSLR and I’ve been exploring well beyond our front porch.

In the spring of 2010, I felt I needed a moment to myself. That moment carried me around the vast cultures and landscapes of the Pacific Rim for four amazing months.  The still images I brought back with me were captured with hopes of stirring up some of the aromas, sensations and emotions I experienced while photographing them. You can find my favorites in the gallery titled ‘South East Asia’.


When the opportunity presented itself in the summer of 2011, I quickly jumped at the chance to join the team at Baldface Lodge, just outside of my hometown of Nelson, British Columbia, accepting a job as their resident photographer.

Born and raised on the shores of beautiful Kootenay Lake, just north of Nelson, I started skiing long before I could even hold a camera. Spending almost all of the short winter weekends at our local ski hill, I even was lucky enough to play hooky from school a few days by following my parent’s “20cm+ freshy” rule.

My passion for photography has me shooting everything these days; from spectacular scenics and gorgeous portraits, to wedding photography and the lightning fast world of ski/snowboard photography.

Please take a minute to view the world as captured through my eyes…

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*UPDATE: I’ll be spending this summer traveling around BC and Alberta capturing many a first kiss with some of my close friends and family. Congratulations to all the gorgeous couples, it’s going to be a pleasure joining you guys for your big day!

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